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Sky Doom

When it comes to Sky Doom then we are the leading organization which deals with the same. Vijaylaxmi Automation System is a renowned company in the automation industry that deals with different forms of automation products and sky domes are one of them. Sky Doom by Vijaylaxmi Automation is available with great features which are packed in elegant styles. We manufactured sky doom in several different designs that include hemispheres, pyramids, laminar polyhedron and customized shapes, etc. All of these products are made up of effective and high-quality material which will offer positive results.

Basically, at Vijay Laxmi Automation Systems, we manufacture and install high-class auto sliding sky roof or sky doom/ We offer a wide range of the same, so that you can easily choose the one which can go well with your needs. Sky doom offers for the roof are opened for ventilation or to let in the sunlight whenever you required. It can be operated easily with the help of a remote.

  • Available in different shades translucent, transparent and opaque
  • Modern design with the latest technology
  • Tougher than glass
  • Up to 80% of light clarity in different grades
  • Gardens & sitting area
  • Swimming pools
  • Open to sky areas
  • Shopping mall atriums
  • Walkways
  • Parking area

If you are looming to buy or install a sky doom them you must prefer Vijaylaxmi Automation System. This company has experience of many years in the same and can provide a great view as well. You can rely on it as it checks the quality of products thoroughly.

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